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We’re looking for the best people to join our local team. Submit your application today.

Stock image of 3 coworkers working on a project together.

Pontential Openings

Massage Therapist

Massage @ Miracle is seeking an experienced therapist to join their team. Competitive compensation, a supportive team, and flexible scheduling are part of the package. Commission up to 56% of massage price. See pricing here.


Part/Full time


Seeking a Housekeeper for Miracle Hot Springs, responsible for cleaning overnight lodgings and pool areas. Must be detail-oriented with a commitment to cleanliness. Pay range: $13-$15/hr. Apply now to join our hospitality team and enhance our guests' experience.




Perks and Benefits

Perks and benefits are subject to change. Please contact a manager to verify our active perks and benefits. 

Dental & Vision Insurance (full time staff only)

Special Training and Certification Reimbursements 

Weekday Swimming

Weekday Camping

Kayak Rentals During Select Times

Massage Discount

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