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View of Miracle Hot Springs' outdoor pools.

Relax and Recharge at Miracle Hot Springs

Reservations required for all soaking services.

Aerial view of the outdoor hot pools and private pools.

Relax year round in the continuous flow of our natural spring water. Our spring water is soft, odorless, and has an alkaline pH of 9.6. 

A Geothermal Oasis In The Desert

Outdoor Soaking Pools

Our facility features four large outdoor geothermal pools. Each pool is maintained separately at temperatures ranging from a soothing 96 to an invigorating 106 degrees Fahrenheit and continually filled with our mineral-rich geothermal spring water.

View of the changing rooms from one of the outdoor pools.

VIP Private Pools

Our VIP pools offer private changing rooms, temperature controls, and an inviting patio to cool off on. While private, the open ceiling allows you to enjoy the sky and fresh air. They comfortably allow up to six adults to relax in privacy. Note, booking a private pool includes all-day access to the outdoor pools. 

Inside view of our VIP private pools.

Regular Private Pools

Our regular private pools are ideal for groups of up to four adults. Each come with a private changing area, temperature adjustments and open ceiling that allows you to enjoy the sky and fresh air. Note, booking a private pool includes all-day access to the outdoor pools. 

Inside view of our regular private pools.

Enhance your visit to Miracle Hot Springs with our Cold Plunge experience, available in select rooms featuring private geothermal hot pools alongside your own cold plunge. After soaking in the soothing warmth of your private hot pool, step into the refreshing cold plunge for an invigorating contrast.

Cold Plunges Now Available

Stock photo of someone receiving a therapeutic face massage.

Massage @ Miracle


Our skilled therapists use a variety of techniques tailored to your needs during your therapeutic massage experience. We offer both individual and couples massage packages. Adding a massage before or after your swim at Miracle is the ultimate way to relax and unwind. 

Stay With Us

Two of the queen dome accommodations in the summer.

Queen Domes

Interior of the king dome accommodation.

King Dome

Front door of the park home accommodation.

Park Home

Aerial view of our center group site within our campground.


Frequently Asked Questions

Miracle Hot Springs is open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 10pm, and Friday through Saturday from 8am to 11pm. We are closed on Sundays.

What are the operating hours?


Reservations are required for all services at Miracle Hot Springs. You can book online here. Give us a call if you have any questions. 

Do I need to make a reservation?


Yes, we've started offering a couple's monthly membership. We also offer packages that get you admission and a private pool reservation. Our ten-visit package costs $135. 

Do you offer memberships?


Miracle Hot Springs offers soaking gift cards, click here to purchase.

Massage at Miracle offers massage gift cards, click here to purchase.

Massage and soaking gift cards cannot be used interchangeably.

Do you sell gift cards?


We do not use chlorine in our pools. We have a constant flow-through system in all of our pools to keep our water fresh and clean. Additionally, we drain our outdoor soaking pools daily, and our private pools between each guest.

Does your water have chlorine in it?


We strive to make the resort a place to relax and disconnect, and do not offer WiFi. Because of our remote location, we also do not have cell service. Please plan accordingly. We do have an office phone available upon request. 

Do you have cell service/WiFi? 


We're now offering monthly memberships! Memberships include two visits with a private pool for two people every month, as well as additional perks and discounts. Learn more about our memberships through the link below.

New Memberships Available

Things To Do In The Area

Banbury Adventures Kayaking

Access Blue Heart, Thousand Springs, and Ritter Island via the Snake River starting at Banbury, available Monday through Saturday seasonally. Rentals and tours can be booked online at

Hike Balanced Rock

Over 48 feet tall, Balanced Rock is perched precariously on a wind-carved pedestal only 3 feet by 17 inches. Located a 25 minute drive from Miracle, Balanced Rock can be seen from the road, or you can climb a couple hundred feet from the parking lot to the top of the rim for a great sunrise or sunset view.

Hike Box Canyon

Box Canyon Springs is the 11th largest spring in North America. The trailhead into Box Canyon is a 30 minute drive from Miracle Hot Springs in Wendell. From the parking lot, hike shortly down the trail to the lookout over the canyon ledge, giving you amazing views of the crystal blue water. The trail descends sharply down from there, with a rope and rails for assistance to a 20 foot waterfall and a few big ponds. 

Hagerman Horse Visitor Center (image coming soon)

The Hagerman Fossil Beds are best known for the large number of specimens of Equus simplicidens, commonly known as the Hagerman horse, which lived 3 to 4 million years ago. One can view some of these specimens and learn more about the region at the Thousand Springs Visitor Center located on Highway 30 in Hagerman.

Fish Hatchery Visits

Near Miracle, you can explore several fish hatcheries, including the Hagerman National Fish Hatchery and the Niagara Springs Fish Hatchery. Hagerman National Fish Hatchery, located along the scenic Snake River, focuses on raising steelhead trout, offering educational tours and exhibits to visitors. Niagara Springs Fish Hatchery, nestled near Niagara Springs State Park, is renowned for its production of steelhead trout and Snake River White sturgeon and provides informative tours highlighting the hatchery's conservation efforts and sustainable practices. These hatcheries provide unique opportunities for visitors to learn about fish conservation and enjoy the beauty of Idaho's natural surroundings.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshones Falls is often dubbed the “Niagara of the West”. It stands over 212 feet tall and 900 feet wide, and is one of the largest waterfalls in the United States (larger than Niagara). The falls are located near Twin Falls on the Snake River, about a 45 minute drive from Miracle Hot Springs. You can view its breath-taking beauty from the scenic overlook, picnic, and explore the nearby trails and swimming at adjacent Dierke’s Lake. Spring, when the snowpack begins to melt, is the best time to see Shoshone Falls. 

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